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Plastic Egg Snake Craft


Ahhhh, plastic Easter eggs. I dutifully buy them every year. And every year, I get annoyed. They don't stay together. You need tape. They break. They don't match up. The list is long. And then after Easter ends, they are everywhere. Those little empty shells of Easter magic can litter your playroom if you're not careful. Bring in the Easter snake.

Photo Courtesy of Sheek Shindigs via

Photo Courtesy of Sheek Shindigs via

If I get out the drill to create this bad boy, I know I can buy myself at least an hour with the freedom of an entertained three year old. She would think this was AWESOME. And it would take care of the Easter egg shell litter. Click here to visit Sheek Shindigs and see how to make your own recycled egg slitherer!

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