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Pink Vanity License Plates, I Got One

Have you been driving around town and noticed a cute pink license plate, and thought, “I’ve got to get me one of those!”
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I have… and I did.

For my birthday, my husband purchased me a pink plate to help out with two of my obsessions.  The color pink and Disney.  I have seen hundreds of vanity plates, and always wanted one.  When I found out they had pink ones, my want turned into a need.

Now, I am a Disney fan through and through.   I frequent the Disney Parks on a regular basis.  I shop in the Disney Store weekly.  Every room in my house has at least one Disney themed item.  Half my wardrobe has a hidden Mickey somewhere within it.   All of that is pretty awesome, and I think it proves not only that I am a true fan, but that I am a little obsessed, but nothing shows Walt that I am truly obsessed like the works that were put on my plate.  I Love Disney (in license plate lingo).

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Ordering it was simple (if you have a few dollars to spend).  You simply go to website.  Pick out the style of the plate you would like.  Then, put in up to 6 letters to shout out a little message to those cars who may be passing by.

It only took 3 weeks to come in.  I absolutely love my plate, and I better…  I’m stuck with it for the next 10 years.


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