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Pinch me . . .

Rachael heads to Geek Heaven to visit the eBay offices. Not surprisingly, she comes back with funny stories and a chance to win $100.

I'm in Geek Heaven! That place is called San Jose. It's true - I find it one of the most compelling places on the planet (and it also doesn't hurt that they have amazing weather!). It took me about .03 seconds to respond to eBay's invitation to come out to their headquarters and learn more about their upcoming holiday promotion.

(sidenote: One time I came back from a trip to the Bay Area with pictures of the boys from Skype and Digg and showed them to my friends as if I had just seen Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. For reals.)

The skinny on eBay! They just launched their "Love to Give" campaign celebrating "Unwrap Attacks".

Check it!

By the end of the video we were all crying. Yes because we are pansies and YES because we are moms who loved seeing the happy kids (and maybe missed our own just a tiny bit). I blame the crying on Gabrielle from DesignMom and her cute baby. The clip is actually totally funny. It apparently doesn't take much to make bloggers cry.

I also have a treat for later this week. I got in a sleigh with Samantha Bee from the Daily Show and shot a video. She told me I looked familiar. I asked her if it's because she recognized me from my famous TV life. And then I had to do my shoot over like 3 or 4 times. Sometimes cameras paralyze me. We'll post that clip later this week.

Now as for eBay and Christmas shopping . . . it's never crossed my mind to do it. I've shopped online for gifts, and we still hoof it to lots of brick and mortar stores. The first thing I ever bought off of eBay was a CAR. That's right - a car. If we are going to do something we don't do it half way. ;) And it was a great experience. But in honesty I haven't bought a whole lot from eBay over the course of the years.

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We stayed on Santana Row while we were in San Jose (amazing shopping) and I put it to the test.

Christmas tree in the evening on Santana Row, holiday lights

(photo from Naoki Hiroshima)

When I came across things that I loved or wanted to buy - I looked up their price on eBay. And I'll be doing as much of my shopping there as possible from now on. Check it - I saw a very funky doodle book for my kids in Anthropolgie that cost $20 and in one search on eBay found the same book, NEW for $5 with free shipping. Done and done.

I'll be posting a bit more about my trip to San Jose and some of the straight up ninja tricks I learned while I was there. Stay tuned! But in the meantime - seriously enjoy the Unwrap Attack videos that will make you laugh and cry! Do you have an amazing "Unwrap Attack" caught on video all ready? You can share it with eBay's "Unwrap Attack Creator" on Facebook.

(and I seriously love how she twiddles the bow on the gift at the beginning of the video.)

And of course we always love to share the goodness! I've got a $100 gift certificate from eBay to help you create an "Unwrap Attack" moment of your own. Just lave a comment and tell me what you are dying to buy for a loved one! We'll choose a winner next week!

Disclosure: In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that my time, travel and accommodations have been compensated by eBay for my participation in the Love to Give campaign. Although I have a material connection to eBay, any publicly stated opinions of eBay remain my own.


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