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Pick Me Up Jam

by Monique Salt Lake City, UT

This is what I listen to when I need a pick me up!

1. Gone Gone Gone, Robert Plant & Allison Kraus

2. Catch Hell Blues, The White Stripes

3. Greta, Triggerlocks

4. Sea Legs, The Shins

5. Personality Crisis, New York Dolls

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6. Lilac Wine, Jeff Buckley

7. South Town Girls, The Hold Steady

8. Formula 409, Electric Six

9. Good Eye, Bruce Springsteen

10. Start a Band, Brad Paisley w/ Keith Urban

11. Alligator Chomp, Shooter Jennings

12. Rock'N Roll Train, AC/DC


Pick Me up jam

This is what I listen to when I need a pick me up!

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