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Capturing the Little Things

I have a little game I like to play when I’m feeling frustrated with the state of my house, or wishing I had a prettier couch or nicer kitchen appliances. I take myself on a little photo walk around my home, and capture the small and happy details.

I have a little game I like to play when I’m feeling frustrated with the state of my house, or wishing I had a prettier couch or nicer kitchen appliances. I take myself on a little photo walk around my home, and capture the small and happy details. It gets me out of my funk every time! I can quite happily ignore the horrible mottled linoleum on the kitchen floor (compete with the remains of that days breakfast), the pile of dirty laundry, the unmade beds…yes, I skip right over those and zoom in on the pretty flowers on the kitchen table, the little basket of crayons my girls were just playing with, the jar holding all of our toothbrushes – a sweet reminder of this little family I have. It’s easy to find beauty when you search it out - even in the midst of a huge messy house and squabbling children (earplugs optional)!

Not long ago after one of my many photo treasure hunts around my tiny house, I printed my collection of pictures and made them into a simple minibook. My girls love looking through these pages of familiar comforts, and I do too! We won’t be in this cheap and ugly rental forever, but I cherish the memories made here and know I will cherish the images as well!

To create such a simple (and sturdy for little hands) book, I chose a blank chipboard minibook by Maya Road. I painted the cover (inside and out) with acrylic paint, and added a few collage elements to the front cover (old dressmaker pattern, decorative rub-ons by Jenni Bowlin Studios and Fontwerks). I adhered my photos directly to the heavy chipboard pages, sanding the edges with sandpaper for a uniform look. A few typewritten words were added and my book was finished!

My daughter has always been a collector of rocks, sticks, fairies and other random things! One day I went around her bedroom and the house snapping away at all the little things that were so very ‘her’ at the time. I would love to see a little book full of my quirks and special treasures at four years old – and I’m sure this small album will be a family favorite for years to come.

To create this small book, I made ‘pockets’ from sheets of acetate (available at office supply stores) by cutting several 5x5” squares and stitching 2 together with a zig zag stitch along three sides. I trimmed my photos to 4x4” squares and adhered then back to back. I slipped the photos into the pockets then stitched up the 4th side. Instead of photos in some pages I added some patterned paper and a little description of her treasure – the combinations and possibilities are up to you! To bind the book I used plastic zip ties – you could also use ribbon, book rings or hemp cord.

These little pieces of our home and children and daily lives can often be overlooked with the photo focus being mainly on the people and events around us – but these pieces help to make up who we are and help tell our story…so don’t be shy with your camera – take yourself on a walk around your home (or workplace, or town, or favorite place!) and zoom in on the small bits and pieces that make up the collage of your lives!

Photo Ideas Around the House:

  • Family shoes lined up
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Board games you play
  • Books on bookshelf
  • Kitchen table setting
  • Toys being played with
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 Have fun!


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Capturing the Little Things

Capturing the Little Things


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