Photo Book Fun

Photos are essentially place holders that preserve precious moments long after the memories fade...

I’ve NEVER printed photos of my 2 year old…until today!

If I am going to be judged as a mother based solely on how well I preserved memories and how well I kept family up to date on my growing children, then it is safe to say that me and my camera will be banished to a very hot place. Because apparently people who love me and my family love pictures just as much. I am starting to understand why.

Obviously having access to incredible tools like digital cameras, online photo centers and already designed photo books makes preserving and enjoying the apparent documentary of my children’s life that much easier. So I decided to give it a try. I used HP’s Snapfish website and was surprised how easy the site was to use and how simple it was for me to put a book together. I was on my way to redemption!


During the process of making my photo book I couldn’t help but think how true the cliché “To know me is to love me” is. It’s fair to say that I was not emotionally prepared for the flood of memories that came as I began selecting photos for my son’s very first photo book. It began with a picture of his tiny swaddled body lying in my arms in the delivery room. From that point the photos seemed to flow forward like an old home movie; growing, eating, laughing, and playing his way through life. I was reminded how lucky I am to be a part of his life and how important it is that he is a part of others lives.

Photos are essentially place holders that preserve precious moments long after the memories fade. One day my son will look through his book and see all the people who knew and loved him.

*The fine folks at Snapfish were kind enough to let me test out their wonderful website and create my very own Photo Book for free. They want to give you that chance too! We’re giving away FIVE $50 gift certificates to Snapfish, here.




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