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Passover Roundup

Are you prepared for this night of all nights? We've got some fun crafts and treats for those of you who are about to get your Pesach on.
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Are you prepared for this night of all nights? We've got some fun crafts and treats for those of you who are about to get your Pesach on.

Take a look at the preparations, including a bedikas chometz ceremony, that Creative Jewish Mom has been working on for days. Want a hint? She's washed 300 eggs. THREE HUNDRED. I also love the easy dancing wine goblet paper chain she created:

creative jewish mom goblet paper chain

Have your kids make their own Seder plates with this cute craft from Gina over at Parent Dish:


I couldn't think of anything quite so delicious as these hazelnut-chocolate cookies for Passover from Smitten Kitchen. What's cool about the recipe? It has the conversion to use Matzo during the holiday and flour for the rest of the year.

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smitten kitchen chocolate hazelnut

Interested in a little debate? No one can quite decide if quinoa is kosher for Passover! (From the New York Times.)

Maybe you should have baked a Moses parting the Red Sea cake for Passover. Maybe it would have been better than this Cake Wreck:

Moses Parting the Red Sea

On second hand, let's leave poor Moses alone.

Pesach Same'ach!


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