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Pajanimals for A Good Day, Good Night Giveaway

Meet the Pajanimals is the perfect thing for those last minutes between pajamas and bedtime reading, now you can win your own copy!

We've surmounted the back-to-school bedtime routine, and managed the sugar rush of Halloween. Now it's time to keep bedtime continuity through the holidays. As parents prepare the house, the food, and the gifts, we can rest easy knowing the Pajanimals are entertaining our kids for a few sweet minutes before bedtime. Our copy of Meet the Pajanimals is the perfect thing for those last minutes between pajamas and bedtime reading.

pajanimals DVD

As with most Jim Hensen company projects, Pajanimals includes slower paced frame transitions that lend the show a peaceful quality for kids to track. The soft color palettes and fleecy fabrics used in the animals and sets make me want to cuddle up right inside my TV.

The four characters are Apollo, Squaky, CowBella, and Sweetpea. They each have a bed in their shared room, and each episode includes a life lesson for one of the characters.

In Blankie in the Laundry, Squaky's blankie is still in the laundry and he's feeling lonely. The other Pajanimals offer to share their lovies and help their friend. Other themes include packing for a trip (what to take? how do I feel about leaving home?), getting mad about sharing, and having the bedtime jitters and finding a way to calm down. If your house is anything like mine at 7pm, the kids are ramping up their crazy and we need to find a path to sleepytime. Seems like the Pajanimals know this routine.

Pajanimals art-new

In one scene, the Pajanimals are going to bed and one realizes he didn't brush his teeth. Another remarks, "Good remembering!" I thought that was really cute and a good way to encourage sometimes-monotonous activities like teeth brushing. Also, each story includes a parent voicing, "Pajanimals, five minutes until bedtime!" and then the Pajanimals say, "OK!" I like the immediate agreement in this gesture. It's a small thing, but something that kids will remember and slowly emulate.

Of course, after bedtime, the Pajanimals still have an adventure when they pile on one bed and travel to the Land of Hush. This is where they find a solution to whatever issue is at hand, and then they return home to sleep soundly.

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I previewed the Pajanimals with my three-year-old and his friends, and then he asked to watch it again later. I'm probably supposed to say that I limited my kid's TV watching to one 12-minute episode, but he liked them so much that he watched all 4 episodes. I did too, and by the end we were both drowsy in a perfect going-to-bed sort of way.


We're giving away two (2) copies of Meet the Pajanimals! Leave a comment below sharing what your kids' bedtime routine is. Two random winners will be chosen at noon EST on Friday, November 9.

Pajanimals airs on Sprout, and on weekends can be seen on NBC Kids Block. Check your local listings for times.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of Meet the Pajanimals. All opinions and statements are my own.



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