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Painted Stencils on Charger Plates

This sign spices up my “breakfast nook” that is really just a dining area that collects clutter.
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It’s a good thing I’m posting because it’s getting me to clean off my table!


Acrylic Paint

Charger Plate

Masking Tape (or any tape)

Foam Paint Brush or Stenciling Brush

Pen/Pencil (or computer printer)

Paper (I used pages from a phone book)

Lightweight Command Strips


1.Find a font on your computer or online that you want to copy. If you need a site to find free fonts check out They don’t pay me to tell you about it, but maybe they should because I love it and I use it quite a bit.

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2.You can go the lazy route and print the letters out on your computer printer, but I drew the letters on my phone book paper. It’s a great way to make sure the letters look exactly how you want them.

3.Next the letters need to be cut out. If there are spare pieces (like the negative space in my A) you can cut them out completely and just make sure not to lose them!

4.Add rolled tape to the back of your new stencil. Make sure that there aren’t any pieces of the tape that will show on the other side. Make sure to add tape to your negative spaces too. You don’t need a ton of tape, just a few pieces to ensure that it stays in place.

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5.Stick your stencils onto the plate, including the negative spaces.

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6.Now it’s time for the stenciling. Lightly dab your paint onto the plate. Be sure to hold down any areas of paper that may lift up, like around the edges of the plate that aren’t flat. Finish stenciling the entire letter and let it dry.

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7.Once dry peel off the paper and tape. If there are any mistakes you can lightly scratch them with a un-clicked pen or fingernail.

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8.To hang, use your lightweight damage-free command strips. Mine are refills to other hooks that I have. Stick the command strips to the raised edge on the back of the plate, on the top. Stick the plates to the wall.

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If all goes well they can be easily taken down without ruining your paint, and look great until then. I have also stenciled another plate with our family initial and painted ‘est. 2010’ on the side. The script letter took more tape! See my monogrammed plate here. I hope this is a frugal solution for your stenciling and decorating needs, have fun painting!


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