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Ovens that Make Cooking Easy for the Busy Mum

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It’s no secret that Australian eating habits have evolved dramatically over the past few decades. Work/life balance has shifted from regulated and scheduled family time, to a lifestyle where everyone has their own routine and obligations. These schedules have pushed healthy eating to the wayside. Instead, many opt for the convenience of fast food and restaurants that dominate city and regional centres.

Families still require healthy nutrition, but finding the time to cook can be difficult. If you're using older appliances, you may be wasting precious time in the kitchen. Modern appliances, like contemporary pyrolytic, steam and combi ovens, offer technology-driven functions that simplify your cooking routine. Preparing satisfying meals, snacks and treats has never been easier, but it does require a leap into the future of kitchen versatility.


Oven technology for convenient cooking

Built-in wall ovens are the new trend in home and kitchen design. Their seamless integration with other kitchen décor and appliances is appealing, and wall ovens can be situated at any height for easy use and cleaning. In fact, some wall ovens, such as the ASKO range of pro series, elements, and craft ovens with pyrolytic features, even clean themselves! Modern oven features that make cooking easy for the busy mum include:

  • High-definition control panel with easy-to-navigate menu
  • Multi-functional step-cooking with automatically adjusted time and heat settings
  • Interconnected steam, fans, elements, and grill features for restaurant quality food
  • User-friendly recipe archive including personalised programs for every chef
  • Construction and cavity design emulating the best wood fire ovens
  • Dozens of functions, programs and modes designed for optimum culinary results
  • Sturdy, long-lasting and fully recyclable components
  • Timed preheat, reheat, and other warming features to suit busy schedules
  • Pyrolytic cleaning at 500°C to ensure the oven is sparkling clean
  • Child safety features including lockable controls
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Adaptable oven capacity for every kitchen

Sure, you can cook with an older appliance, but the outcome is often unreliable. Modern ovens, on the other hand, are precise, communicating with the user, overseeing the cooking, and helping with the clean-up afterwards. In addition, contemporary ovens are adaptable to kitchens of every shape and size. A single built-in wall oven can perform all the functions of a regular oven, steam oven, microwave oven, plus other appliances, meaning small kitchens can become culinary powerhouses with the capacity to satisfy everyone’s desires.

Modern ovens make cooking easy for the busy mum both by preparing delicious foodstuffs and by creating a conducive environment for enjoying healthy meals with family and friends. Many of the high end modern ovens also have high end price tags, but a competitive marketplace means you can also find some surprisingly good deals. Even the basic contemporary appliances can outperform older models. Less time in the kitchen cooking means more time to visit with your family and loved ones.

ASKO Double Oven

Versatile oven advantages for saving time and money

Each new oven feature is introduced to improve the user experience. The capabilities are not just for show, and the best household ovens are now on a par with their commercial counterparts. The functions, features and modes on contemporary ovens are designed for ease of use, energy-efficiency, multi-functionality and ease of maintenance. Pyrolytic and aqua cleaning systems alone remove the need for harsh chemicals or intense scrubbing and scraping, while leaving no cleaning residues that can spoil food.

When investigated individually, some new oven capabilities can seem unneeded, but versatility also means compatibility, and hot air can combine with steam for perfect crusts, while fans and grill elements in tandem guarantee a succulent roast. In essence, intuitive appliances reciprocate with the user, communicating during the various cooking stages and even offering menu and ingredient choices. Not everyone can be the world’s greatest chef, but when using an intuitive and innovative oven, cooking versatility is dramatically increased and the results will speak for themselves as dinner time becomes a ‘can’t miss’ event.


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Ovens that Make Cooking Easy for the Busy Mum

It’s no secret that Australian eating habits have evolved dramatically over the past few decades.


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