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Our Family’s 2013 Summer Bucket List

Each morning as I wake up and yank open the blinds, I immediately hunt for that big ball of warm sun.
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More often than not, the sun is hiding behind the clouds and rain. With a little ounce of hope that I hold in my heart, I throw open our laptop to check the weather to see what time the sun will make its debut. The weather tends to look a bit like this:

Rain…. more rain… sigh…

You would never know it is summer time here in Seattle. I won’t lie, I have been dying to dive into my summer wardrobe and throw on a dress. The constant rain can certainly put a damper on anyone’s day. Not for us. My family has decided to take on the Summer Bucket List Challenge and complete a list of 20 items by the end of summer! Here is our family’s 2013 summer bucket list:

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I am ready to get the summer started! Who is with me? Sign up for the Summer Bucket List Challenge too! For those social media fans, use hashtag #happyfamilysummer to share in the fun!

Take good care and be well mamas!

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