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This year, I became intrigued by origami money folding. When I found this shirt-and-tie duo, I was hooked and gave it a shot.
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There's someone in every family who'd rather have cash as a gift, and I get that. We have a sweet teenage boy in our family who will say thank you and enjoy anything, like these gifts from our Today's Mama Teen Gift Guide, but I know he loves to combine cash to pay for his car needs and big-ticket electronic items. With that in mind, I've made his monetary gifts into creative opportunities for presentation.

This year, I became intrigued by origami money folding. When I found this shirt-and-tie duo, I was hooked and gave it a shot.


The right side is a little off, so it's not a truly successful origami, but in my book it's fine. I added a folded $5 as pants and used masking tape to adhere the little suit to the inside of a card.

"Buy something that SUITS you!"

Oh my goodness, so much fun. As an adult, it's also my responsibility to inspire an eye roll from our teenaged cousin.

Here's the video tutorial, and you can go directly to Homemade Gifts Made Easy for step-by-step origami money folding photos.

Last year, I taped together 30 one-dollar bills and rolled them up into a tissue box, with the end sticking out. He unwrapped the gift and thought we gave him Kleenex, then had to pull out all those dollars. Lots of $1 bills together looks very impressive indeed!

Someday, I'll try this money-laden candy box from Life As Mom.


How have you creatively gifted money?

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