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Just a girl in her 40s blogging to organize her life. This is an experiment of sorts, to chronicle my journey through motherhood, wifehood and living in my ‘hood. Would love to interact and connect with as many interested people as possible. Join the experiment!

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Birth Experiences: Nervous Energy

Shannon Breuner Nelson shares, "From the moment I saw those two lines on my pregnancy test, I was terrified to give birth."

Me Time for Real Life

Trying to find “me time” is giving me high blood pressure and making me cranky. According to the media, and a few delirious friends, I need more focus on ME!

Emi Hill 125

Birth Story: Jack Johnson Helped Me Hypnobirth My Baby

"Not literally, mind you, though his being there in person would have made recording the event that much more fun. No, he was there via my MP3 player with his soothing voice and environmentally conscious lyrics. And it was hypnotic."