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Orajel Kids My Way

We just made the jump at our house from toddler training toothpaste to kid toothpaste with fluoride. I'm not sure when the magic will wear off, but ALL she wants to do right now is brush her teeth. I'm pretty sure that I owe some of her enthusiasm to her snazzy new tube of toothpaste from Orajel.


We had a whole talk about being a "big girl" and not swallowing toothpaste, but her real thrill came from this toothpaste. Each tube is blank and comes with sheets of stickers. So not only are you getting a snazzy new tube of toothpaste, but you're getting a craft project. Ten minutes of sticker time passed by and she was very proud of her new creation. Proud of your toothpaste tube means you can't wait to use it. This morning as she climbed into bed with me, the first thing out of her mouth was, "Mom, can we go brush our teeth?"

Thank you Orajel!

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