Optimal Age

I'm 32. Am I already past my prime? Sounds like it!
Optimal Age

I was at a family birthday party last weekend, and my aunt told me that she had been watching Dr. Oz and he had said on his show that 32 is the optimal age. The best you are going to look, the best you are going to feel, the healthiest you will be, etc. In other words, it's all downhill from here.

Uh oh.

Three months to go until I turn 33. I better live it up while I can.

Is this possible? I've googled and googled but as you can imagine a lot pops up with Dr. Oz in the health and aging department. I believe my aunt, but wish I had known a little earlier that this is the best it's going to get. And this is the best it's going to get after I've had two kids. Does that factor in somewhere?

Let's check the optimal list...

My abs were definitely more optimal five years ago, pre-babies.

My skin is more protected at 32 than it was at 21 when I was hanging out by the pool broiling in a bikini with no sunscreen.

My patience levels and ability to handle stress are probably better today than they were a few years ago (practice makes perfect.)

I'm a little stiff today after running around a bounce house place with my kids this morning, so I might have been in better shape a few years ago.

My perspective on people and feelings and life in general is sharper than it used to be.

There's no denying it. Body parts are going to start to sag (or are sagging), bikinis will eventually be packed away (but not quite yet), and there will always be someone younger, more athletic, more in shape and more beautiful than you. But the meaning of age isn't all about losing things, it's also about gaining things and the perspective and wisdom that comes with it. Some days are certainly done, but I know there are also many, many good ones to come.

So Dr. Oz, I'll keep going in for my check-ups, and I'll participate in all the yearly exams that I quality for. But I'm pretty sure there's room in the future for a little more optimization.

Optimal Age


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