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Ooo, Aww & Save on Discount Halloween Toddler Costumes

Whether it's their first or fourth Halloween, FabulousSavings has the best costume ideas from merchants offering discount baby Halloween costumes. You're in for a treat!

It might be weeks away; however, there's no better time to start searching for a Halloween costume…for your little one! Whether it's their first or fourth Halloween, FabulousSavings has the best costume ideas from merchants offering discount baby Halloween costumes. You're in for a treat!

Gone are the days of having to dress your baby up in a sheet and calling him a ghost. Nowadays, many retailers like BuyCostumes offer discount infant Halloween costumes that are fun and popular. When you use our exclusive BuyCostumes coupons, you can save 10% on $50 or more on these great costume ideas:

Animal Theme

Find a great selection of animal-themed discount Halloween toddler costumes like lions, tigers, lambs, dragons, monkeys, bears & more!


Make everyone say "aww" when you dress them as a pumpkin, yarn baby, snowman, butterfly or adorable puppy.


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Is she the next Snow White or Minnie Mouse? Little boys will love being the Hulk or the Cat in the Hat!

Looking for a one-stop shop to buy costumes and accessories for less? Check out ShindigZ coupons to save 10% on $100 or more on infant and toddler costumes like Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh, Barbie or SpongeBob SquarePants. Or you can utilize the Create a Cheap Costume feature to buy the accessories and makeup to dress up your toddler as a Power Ranger, pirate, princess and more! These pieces are perfect for playing dress-up all year long.

If you enjoy sewing and prefer to make your toddler's costume by hand, apply Costume Craze coupons to save 5% on classic costume kits and accessories like Abraham Lincoln, Einstein or Betsey Ross.

Buying or reusing fabric or garments you have lying around is a great economical way to save on discount baby Halloween costumes. Last year, I decided to design and make my costume with pieces I had in my closet. I also bought some pieces of fabric and sewed it onto the garments. If this is something you're interested in doing, check out our coupons to receive free shipping on orders of $35 or more at the Halloween Bootique!

So this Halloween, stay on budget and have your kid(s) be in the running for Best Costume. Oh and be sure to haunt them with pictures when they're older…muahaha!


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