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One Resolution for 2012: Get Out of the House with My Kids

2011 wasn’t a big year for getting out on the town. Or really, out of the house at all for that matter...

Carina told me I had toinspired me to pick one resolution for 2012.

Um, I already did. Thanks for reading my posts, Carina!

I like resolutions, so what the heck, let’s add one more to the short list. In 2012, my one resolution is to Get Out of the House with My Kids.

You see, 2011 wasn’t a big year for getting out on the town. Or really, out of the house at all for that matter. 2011 was the year in which going grocery shopping was my big “mommy break” for the week.

Oh sure, those first few postpartum solo trips to Target are downright euphoric. But once the magic of notwaddling wears off, you’re back to shopping being just another chore on the list.

How I Spent 2011. WORTH IT.

How I Spent 2011. WORTH IT.

Last winter I was massively pregnant. Last spring and summer I was juggling a preschooler and The World’s Fussiest/Hungriest Baby. Fall rolled around and we managed two wonderful family trips—roadtrip to Yellowstone and a cruise, but that was pretty much it.

I got us to Cabo San Lucas, but I couldn’t get us to the park?

Hence the “get out of the house” resolution.

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Now that I’ve figured out how to keep the Baby Boy’s belly full for a good 2 hours and have made peace with the fact that laundry is going to be a daily task, I’m ready to go toss some bread at a few ducks.

Maybe check out the Children’s Museum.

Visit the Aquarium that my daughter has been begging to go back to since 2010.

Go for a bike ride.

Camp out in the backyard.

All that good stuff.

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