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One Day to Live

What if you only had one day left to live? What would you do?
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But if I had one last day to live, I would want to go on the swing ride at Lagoon at sunset  (hopefully it’d be summer). Every time I ride this ride, I feel such a total and complete sense of carefree abandonment and absolute freedom, something which of late has evaded my spirit.

As my eldest brother lay in a hospital two states away, I thought about my life… a lot. This contemplation made me realize that not only were my p’s and q’s not in order, but neither were my CDs, which hide in one of the many untidy corners in my house.  I don’t care much about my CDs, but I do care a lot about my p’s and q’s and their disorder is certainly more distressing.

So I decided to make some changes and what has happened since then has been remarkable. Sometimes it’s not just the threat of losing what we hold most precious but even the very thought that can motivate change.

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Green Gift Box

Mother's Day

She had plenty of bath oils and scarves and pretty writing paper, and all the other things they tell you your mother would love for Mother’s Day, and so I was at a loss for what to get her that would convey the depth of my love...

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Day to Day Mothering

I want to know what my Mom was thinking in these pictures. I want more details of what she was like as a young mother. I am left to wonder how she mothered us day-to-day...