On Jet Lag And Easing Back Into Routine

I just returned from an 11 day trip to India.
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It was an opportunity that went perfectly with my dream to tell stories through photography.  The opportunity rocked my world, but the real rock star was my husband who stayed behind to take care of the kids.  Now that I’m back, he’s still having to pick up the slack as I recover from jet lag and try to slip back into the routine.  I’m trying to follow my own rules for curing jet lag, the evil enemy who wants nothing more to bring me down!

First, never, ever go to bed before 9 o’clock (and that’s conservative).  When the after lunch nap time tendency lures, fight it.  Otherwise, you’ll never get back on schedule.  Keep yourself busy, run circles around your dining room table, eat a pound of chocolate followed by a shot of espresso…whatever keeps your eyelids from closing!

Second, take melatonin, a natural sleep aid, at bedtime to help you sleep and get your body back on schedule.  There’s nothing wrong with a little help if it means a quicker recovery from jet lag.

I’ve always heard that, to fully recover from jet lag, it takes 1 day for every time zone you pass through.  I find that to be pretty much true.  That means I’m about halfway through full recovery which might explain the difficulty I’m having in returning to the routine.

A trip like this interrupts the flow of the household and the established routine.  I honestly don’t think that’s a bad thing.  My husband got to play Mr. Mom.  My kids got to increase their responsibility as they helped dad out.  It also gave us an excuse to learn about India, a culture very different from our own.

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However, there comes a time when the regular routine must return.  I think I’m having the most difficulty with it.  Perhaps it’s the jet lag fog I’m still in.  Or perhaps it’s the mental shift from thinking about young girls being sex trafficked to “What should I make for dinner?”  It’s not a natural shift.

I look forward to sharing more about my trip here on Today’s Mama.  I feel like there’s so much I can say, but knowing where to start is the battle I’m facing.

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