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On Being Thankful For Water

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It’s so easy to take for granted, isn’t it? We get used to turning on the tap and seeing it gush out, without a thought. However, did you know that 780 million people lack access to clean water? That’s more than 2 1/2 times the U.S. population. Crazy thought, isn’t it?

I live in South Africa, and we have water most of the time. Right now is not one of those times. The canal where we get water is dry which means our taps are as dry as a bone…since Saturday. Honestly, it sucks. Even our rain catchment tank is empty, evidence of the dry season where rain is scarce.

I’m painting a gloomy picture here, but it’s not terrible. We bought water and had it hauled in to fill our tanks which lasts three hours at best. This lack of water has changed the amount I consume and caused me to pause and be thankful for something I would have otherwise taken for granted. I’ve realized I love water.

It’s cleansing.

It’s refreshing.

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It’s a gift.

It’s a gift that I so often overlook. It’s something that had to be taken away for me to realize how much of a gift it is. It’s also made me think about all the other everyday gifts that I need to pause and offer thanks for. The list is long.


Food on the table.

A roof over my head.

Need I go on? Today I’m taking the time to remember, to pause, to be thankful for the little things.

In the busyness of life, how many gifts do you so often overlook?


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