On A Decorating Budget? Use Paint!

As you can imagine, as a mom of three, I have to watch our budget.
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There’s not a lot of room for expensive purchases. Most everything I buy comes from thrift shops or consignment stores. With that being said, I’m sure you’ve heard that the cheapest way to update a room is to use paint. And if you can paint a room yourself, even better, it will save you money and leave you with the satisfaction of knowing you’re officially a DIYer.

Because our family has lived in nine different houses, Husband and I learned how to paint ourselves. And even though we have the technique down pat, choosing a paint color can still seem daunting. For awhile there, I was on the “gray” bandwagon. If you looked online, everyone was painting their rooms gray, and mind you, those rooms looked fabulous! Yet only through trial and error did we learn that picking a gray paint color wasn’t going to be easy.

Our first experience with gray looked like the swatch on the right:

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All we saw was lilac. Not that I don’t like that color, but not for the master bedroom. Eventually, we nixed that particular shade of gray and picked a different color. Our final paint choice was the color on the left (a mocha-ish, or putty-gray-ish color) in an eggshell finish. We always pick eggshell because it’s easier to clean than a flat finish, but not wild and crazy like a semi-gloss. (Plus three kids and a huge dog will take its toll on your walls.)

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I’m happy to say, we love our paint choice. The paint alone has changed how this room looks and feels. The neutral color works well with our existing furniture and accessories, but allows us to change bedding, etc. in the future if we want to.

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For more decorating budget ideas, you can visit my blog As For Me And My House. See you next time!


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