Okay Apple, You Got Me

I am one person who never gave into the hype of the whole Apple i-whatever it is.
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I had an iPod back years ago when they were long and skinny like a stick of gum, but that has been 6 years ago and a lot has changed.

Blackberry has always been my thing.  When the first iPhone came out, I got the Blackberry Curve.  When the next iPhone came out, I got the Blackberry Torch, and then when the iPhone 4s came out, I was at AT&T purchasing myself the Blackberry Torch 4G.  Now, my husband is the opposite.  He got on the Apple bandwagon early.  He has had every version of the iPhone and has loved it.  He loves everything about it.  I have played with it a time or two, and I hate it.  I can’t narrow down what all I dislike about it, I just don’t like it.  I figured I would not have an Apple anything, and I was fine with it.


For my birthday, my parents gave me an iPad.  I shouldn’t even have to go on.  I fell in love.  I am on it every free second I get.  I have been on the Internet a hundred times looking at different accessories for it.  I am addicted.  It’s fast and I don’t have to wait for it to boot up like my net-book, I don’t have to try and view a tiny screen like on my Blackberry, the Internet is faster than on my Nook, and it is portable so I can use it in the living room unlike my desktop.

The apps are wonderful.  I have apps for cooking, for my Pintrest addiction, Disney, and basically anything else.  I even put some educational apps on there for the kids.  Oh the kids…. they want to play with it so bad.  I just can’t part with it.  Even my husband made a comment that he hasn’t had a chance to play with it yet.  “Get your own, buddy”.

The crazy thing, and I thought I would never say it, but I kinda want an iPhone now.  My husband said, “I heard a rumor that the iPhone 5 is coming out.”  Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.

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Mini Me

I have always been fascinated with photos from my childhood. The blonde haired, cheeky faced girl with the sturdy thighs (‘big Buddha’ is what my husband will tell you – I prefer the term ‘healthy’) fascinates me.