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Oh My Stinkin Heck

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In short, I’m a Christian, wife, momma, friend, blogger, and amateur click girl. Every single stinkin’ day I trip-up at any or all of those, but I try … oh, how I try. And? I tell my kids that’s what counts. Speaking of kids…

I have a full house (to me) with three kids, a husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats…and one snake named Ringo.

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Oh Baby! My Son’s Psychic Ability

After knowing my boys were going to have one more sibling, Zamiel would continue to ask questions about the baby. “What’s her name? How big is she?”

My Gold Medalist

This past Sunday will forever be etched in my daughter’s mind...a day that perfect childhood memories are made of. You see, for the first time ever, Rebecca, who is just learning how to figure skate, took home her very first gold medal at a mini competition at our local skating rink.

My Inner Mommy War, Part 1

When I was 32, three years into my blessedly peaceful second marriage, 16 months into the motherhood gig, five months pregnant with our second child, I sat on the floor of our New York apartment in stunned silence.

Hurray! Oh, Rats.

I just read in The New York Times that a recently-published volume called “The Dangerous Book for Boys” has zoomed up to Number Two on the Amazon bestseller list, outdone only by the latest Harry Potter. I’m elated! This book instructs kids on such worthwhile activities as how to make a tree house, skip stones, and fold paper airplanes. Hurray!

Top 10 Lessons I Learned from My Parents

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all the lessons my parents taught me. I am grateful because those lessons are now all I have. I don’t get any new advice.