Nikon School: Mom’s Night Out

Tired of not really knowing how to use your camera?
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How about catching your kids doing something absolutely adorable and the end result is shadowy faces and a blur where your toddler’s face should have been?

It’s time for Mom’s Night Out on May 14 presented by Nikon School. This class is designed to help capture better fun family photos while helping moms (and dads) on the go who love to capture pictures.

Also, did you catch the phrase Mom’s Night Out? That’s right. You’ll be missing bedtime duties as you’re learning how to take better photos. This class is full of tips and strategies on improving your photography skills with any type of camera from a basic point and shoot through D-SLR. You’ll see the latest Nikon cameras, and the professional photographer instructor will answer questions and help to simplify your photo taking all with improved results from special occasions to sporting events to everyday life.

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Nikon School Presents: Mom’s Night Out

May 14

The Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel

1 Old Bayshore Highway

Milbrae, California 94020



Mom's Night Out

This is a play list for the start of Girl's night out. You've just said your good-byes, started the car and hit the road to meet the girls for dinner & a movie. Getting out the door is not easy with husband and kids so it's time to let loose before you get out of the driveway. Each song comes with a different attitude. Take your pick, just play it loud and proud!