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New Year, New Me.

I like a good resolution, even if I abandon it three days in or die on top of that hill trying.


But first let me get a few things out of the way starting with the fact that January sucks.

This year it just sucks worse than it maybe ever has before.

It's freezing, there's lots of snow, I'm on crutches, I have small children stuck indoors. It's about to go full Lord Of The Flies up in here, pray for us. 

But also, it's hard to be excited about the prospect of a fresh start when the vibe in this country is about as peaceful and calm as a WalMart parking lot on Black Friday.

2017 New Year New Me

Haters will say that resolutions are pointless, that the majority aren't kept and that most people aren't successful when they try to change their habits and try something new. But I like a good resolution, even if I abandon it three days in or die on top of that hill trying. Resolutions are hopeful, and we could all use a little bit of that right now...especially me when I'm hiding in the bathroom with the fan on so as to drown out the screams of my children as they try to murder each other and establish which one of them will be offered as tribute.

January may suck, but I'm a little hell bent on the rest of the year not following the same trend. I've got a life to live and other shiz to do. Feeling gloomy about the current state of, well, everything else, isn't any way to live and I've got to stop eating my feelings sometime soon, or else.

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With that in mind, here's my extremely well thought out plan for 2017 domination: 

SLEEP MORE - I don't exactly know how to suck less, I'm working out the details, but mostly I think it involves getting more sleep and trying not to let my life kick me in the teeth. The last 12 months left me with too much to do, and too little brainpower and sleep to do it. This is the year I make sleep my bitch and learn how to run my calendar better, hopefully that'll at least help me keep my days straight and maybe my kids might even get to practice on time. Maybe not, but let's stay optimistic. 

Sleep, I'm coming for you.

LISTEN MORE - My kids are getting bigger, I notice it more and more every day. This means they're paying attention to pretty much everything I say and do (except for when I ask them to pick up their shoes and for the love of Pete, hang your stupid coat on the hook before I trip over it and die). They're medium sized sponges and they're here to soak it in. All of it.


Everybody talks, and over the last year everybody talked and complained and yelled and fought and argued and my kids noticed that too. I'm just as guilty and maybe even more guilty of it than the next person. More times than I can count I got lost in the wormhole of pointless arguments with total strangers and sometimes even family, friends and neighbors too.

I need to give my kids more of my attention back, I need to argue less, I want to listen more. Pretty sure I'm not going to enact world peace in the process, but my mom has been telling me for a while now that there's a lot to be gained by listening more in general, so I'm gonna give that a try. 

I dunno, it's not a clear path to success but at any rate, I think sleeping more and shutting up never made things worse.

2017, let's do this. 


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