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New Year, New You Challenge!

Hello Beautiful!
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The New Year is approaching FAST!  Along with that comes New Year’s Goals and Resolutions!  If you’re like the majority of people you have loose weight, or get fit, or eat better listed among them.  You’re not alone!

Goals are important in moving yourself forward.  Creating new habits can help build and strengthen your character.  Starting a fitness plan can be confusing and frustrating.  There are SO many conflicting studies out there.  Where do you start?

I know I’ve mentioned how I’ve participated in yoga challenges on Instagram, a social media site.  These challenges have helped me grow as a person.  I’ve become stronger (literally and mentally), more flexible (in body and mind), and more accepting of myself and others!

I’m SO excited to announce that I’ve partnered up with 6 other yoga allstars and some sweet sponsors to bring you #NewYouYoga Instagram Challenge!

#NewYouYoga is an all-levels-welcome daily yoga pose challenge to help you commit to a daily practice for the New Year! Challenge will go on for the entire month of January and offer a wide range of poses to try from each of our diverse hosts.

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To join in:  follow all the hosts and sponsors (listed below)  and snap a shot of yourself in the daily pose to win the great goodies offered by our amazing sponsors!  The pose of the day will be posted the night before. Go to your Instagram account and find the hosts and Re-post the image and tag 3 friends to join you!

Remember to listen to your body and do the pose to the best of YOUR ability. Judging will be based on creativity and dedication to doing the daily pose, not on how ‘perfect’ the execution is. If you miss a day, hold yourself accountable and catch up! Be sure to tag all the hosts on your daily pose and add the hashtag #NewYouYoga so we can all check out your great poses!

Hosts and Sponsors can be found on Instagram @BodyImageBuilder@Spanknme_onthepond@sheenu_white@alissayoga@karmakac@kelseybyoga@playfulpractice@behippiegangsta -bracelets and a tank top @ayayayapparel -yoga top @3byoga- yoga mat bag @hiddenavenue – scarfs

This is the perfect way to start your new year!  Get instruction on how to cultivate a yoga practice at home with help from trained instructors.  Ask for tips, advice, help and encouragement.  Join the growing Instagrm Yoga Family for support and love along your journey!  You will find people on all continents, of all shapes and sizes, and all different yoga experience doing this challenge!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Jennie Carlson


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