New Parent-Friendly Menu at Chuck E. Cheese’s

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s.
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If you suggest a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s to my children, it’s like someone just threw a handful of sparkle confetti in the air. The kids simply can’t believe their luck that they are heading towards a magical afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Let’s face it. They have prizes, tickets galore, lights, music, endless arcade games, and none other than a giant Chuck E. Cheese who dutifully emerges regularly to toss tickets in the air and dance with his devoted fans.

While my kids love nothing more than running around with ticket collecting determination, I’ve discovered their new food offerings which has added a splash of adult sparkle confetti to our visits.

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With an innovative new menu, Chuck E. Cheese’s has been launching new parent-friendly menu items including a thin and crispy pizza crust and a gluten-free pizza. Since becoming a mom eight and a half years ago, I’m pretty sure that I have had about 7,500 slices of specifically cheese pizza. And while I’m happy to support my children’s taste buds, I was thrilled to see their delicious new specialty pizza flavors including a veggie option, BBQ Chicken and a Cali Alfredo with chicken, sausage, creamy alfredo, and my personal favorite, spinach. If a limited time offer gives you a little fear of missing out, be sure to try the Mac Cheesy Pizza, which basically looks like a dream come true with a creamy cheese sauce and macaroni, all smothered in a delicious variety of cheese.

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For those who have kids who wait until right before you order to tell you that they don’t actually eat pizza anymore, there are plenty of other offerings including wraps, cheesy bread, my personal favorite pretzel bites, an endless salad bar and traditional and boneless wings.

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You won’t want to miss the dessert choices either with churros, a giant chocolate chip cookie served warm or the Cinnamon Dessert Pizza. These choices are enough to get you to go reload a few game cards while you sit back and dig in.

There’s a turning point for every family where you realize that although at one point it was sufficient, as your family grows, you’ll be shocked to realize that cooking a pound of pasta is no longer enough. It’s with these hungry people in mind that Chuck E. Cheese is offering handmade pizzas, fresh salads and their incredible cinnamon dessert pizza at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet which is available Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at participating locations.

So go ahead and make your kids day with the magic of Chuck E. Cheese’s. Come hungry and dig in!