Did you smell the sea salt on the air this morning? Hear the faint clang of a ship's bell when you got into your car? Bypass the grocery store and set a course for Tortuga? Answer "Aye aye" to any question? That's because it's everyone's favorite holiday: National Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Captain Jack Sparrow Approved

Captain Jack Sparrow Approved

Yes, every September 19th, we roll out the "ARRRRrrrrr MATEYs" and "Thar she blows" for a celebration of all the scurvy scallawags and rum runners that ever furled a sail on the open sea.

Here are a few ideas for you landlubbers:

Polish up on your pirate talk with this English-to-Pirate translator or this pirate primer.

Making a paper pirate hat (use newspaper or craft paper for a larger sized hat)

Rum balls for after dinner? Try these from A Taste of Home.

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from www.tasteofhome.com

Sword fighting tips!

Wrap up some lost treasure and lose it someplace in your home or garden. Draw a treasure map for your little mateys to find their swag!

pirate treasure

Or maybe it's just the day when you have your mateys swab the deck. Every man for himself.


National Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Talk Like A Pirate Day….Scurvey Dog!

ARGHHH Mateys!! September 19th marks one of our favorite days.

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