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A blog about balancing life (family, fitness, responsibilities) with motherhood. The mamma in me honors the mamma in you!
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A blog about balancing life (family, fitness, responsibilities) with motherhood.

The mamma in me honors the mamma in you!

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I Wish I Was in Dixie

My blog is an eclectic mix of all things lovely, delicious, refreshing and fun. This includes recipes, personal renewal opportunities, women's issues and family/parenting life.

Snapdragon Ink

If you put the two most important parts of me together – motherhood and writing – and you stir in a little resolution about personal fulfillment and mental stability, you get this blog. Like most mothers out there, I absolutely adore my children and, like most mothers out there, I live dangerously close to that bend in the road, the one you’re not supposed to go around. The writing you find here keeps me away from that bend. It gives me just a bit more road. It slows life down long enough for me to remember the details. It helps me to focus on the good stuff and handle the bad stuff with more grace and humour. And there’s always room in my life for more grace and humour.

Baby Meets City

Join me as I chronicle tales of mommyhood in the urban jungle of NYC... I'll be sharing thoughts on my new role and the challenges of balancing bambina, work and whatever semblance of a life I have left. I'm on a quest to find baby/stroller-friendly restaurants & shops, fab websites and, if successful, be a resource for other new city moms out there. Wish me luck!

Whatever DeeDee Wants, She's Gonna Get it

Whatever Dee Dee wants {she's gonna get it} is a life-style blog updated daily with shopping finds (for both kids and adults), crafts, recipes, reading/movie lists, giveaways, daily life and much more.

Survival. A Mama's Point of View

The Survival Mama is a niche blog focused on working preparedness into an everyday busy mom life. Survival is not about being green, it's about getting what you want.

Nie Nie

Nie’s Dream

Nie Nie Dialogues is a blog favorite of many. Author Stephanie Nielson has made marriage and motherhood look stylish, enjoyable and wildly romantic. Her inspiring (and continuing) recovery from a 2008 plane crash has shown her readers just how far the definition of ‘grace’ extends.

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

The life and times of my career, family and extracurricular activities. Living the suburban life working full time, keeping up with two little girls/husband/dog and trying to squeeze some 'me' time in between!

Babies Making Faces

There are blogs devoted to food, photography, crafts, going green, motherhood, design, celebrity gossip (and that just covers what I have bookmarked), but let’s face it, we all have websites that we retreat to when we need a laugh, pick-me-up or distraction from our day. Here is the last one of those you’ll ever need - Babies Making Faces. You’re welcome.