My Son, AKA, The Little Vampire, is Now a Biter


After my son was born, I wrote a little post called My Son, AKA, The Little Vampire. He was a crazy, crazy, CRAZY big eater.

He was one month old when I wrote that post. Today is his five month birthday.

The little vampire just started in on his introduction to rice cereal, and he is WILD to feed. He screeches and yanks on the spoon and hysterically screams when the food is gone. He sits on my lap while I eat and watches every bite that heads towards my mouth. He watches me raise my glass (hello, Pink) and actually moans.

He's taken his hunger campaign up a notch as he now bites like a crazed fighting fish every time I try to nurse him. I should have seen it coming...he was gumming my finger the other day and bit down so hard that I actually cried. I've given him a teething ring, and a bunch of toys to chew on, but it's all a no go. He wants flesh.

I refer to him as the bone cruncher.

My deepest sympathies go out to all who have a baby that has turned into a chomping crocodile. At 4am, I almost dropped him, at 11am, I accidentally screamed, and by 3pm, he was eating out of a bottle.

Click here for advice on chomping babies. Any advice for me? What did you do with your crazed crocodile?

Sure, he just sucks on his own finger...

Sure, he just sucks on his own finger...

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