My Mom Is So Entertaining…

I love my mom. Sure, I would suspect that sentiment would be a given, considering all that she has done for me.
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She’s generous, loving, resilient, and always there for me.  As far as moms go, I won the lottery.  But that’s not what I love most about her; I love the way she entertains me.

My mom is staying with us again, like she did this summer, so I have an opportunity to spend more time with her.  When I mention to her that she “eats like a bird,” she quickly retorts with “yeah, like a vulture.” She tells the same stories time and again but I don’t mind because she peppers them with her own brand of humor–one I can obviously relate to.

The other day, we were watching reruns of “Saturday Night Live” (how many 86 year olds watch SNL?) and they presented a skit called the Mom Celebrity Translator.  In the skit, a mom tries to show her kids how cool she is by taking about famous celebrities, except the mom mangles the celebrity’s name.  The kid punches the mangled name into the “Mom Celebrity Translator” and it pops out the correct celebrity name when given a few details about said celebrity.  I laughed at the crazy names the moms came up with and my mom struggled to “get” the joke.  I explained the premise and it seemed to leave her cold.  I, on the other hand, thought it was funny because I could relate, especially when my mom refers to “Mike Huckabee” as “Hucklebee.”

Not an hour later, as we were watching our next episode of SNL, she turns to me and says, “You know, I remember this show when it first came out.”

“Yeah, back in the ’70’s; I remember, too,” I said.

“I remember your Aunt Barbara was friends with the curly-headed guy,”  she continued.

“He was on SNL?” I asked.

“No, no, his wife.  The one who did the telephone operator,” she said, as if we were living the SNL skit in real life…

“Lily Tomlin?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think that is her,” Mom said.

“She’s a lesbian, Mom; I don’t think she was married to a curly headed guy.”

“Oh, she was,” she started, and then changed her mind. “Well, maybe not.  You know who it is,” she asserted.

“He was curly headed?  Do you mean Gene Wilder?” I asked, smiling. “His wife was Gilda Radner.  She was on SNL, Mom.”

“Yeah, that’s it!” she said as she tried to hold back her laughter.  I was already laughing hysterically.  I could not get over the timing of this conversation and my need for the Mom Celebrity Translator.

And that is why I love my mom–not only is she so entertaining, but she is able to laugh at herself.


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