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My 2011 Mission

I feel like I always mention my husband’s car accident . . . well, probably because I always do. Obviously it has made a huge impact on our household these last 4 months.

I feel like I always mention my husband’s car accident . . . well, probably because I always do. Obviously it has made a huge impact on our household these last 4 months.

It changed the pace of my day to day life. It took me completely out of my routine and my element and forced me to look at and do things differently. The same day my husband crashed, so did my hard drive. I was out of sorts in every aspect of my life.

What I found myself doing was cleaning. As a matter of fact, while I waited for the Life Flight air transfer to travel from Jackson Hole to Salt Lake City I cleaned my bathrooms. I had to do something. I might as well clean my bathrooms in preparation for the family and friends who would soon arrive to offer support and help with the kids.

As it turns out my instinct to clean was exactly right. The severity of his wounds and accompanying surgeries left his immune system greatly compromised. As I worried about bringing him home and how to provide an environment that supported his recovery I learned that my family had been given a glorious gift – the gift of clean! A community of wonderful bloggers came together and gave our family cleaning services for 3 months. It was a thoughtful gift and an amazing service to our family.

First day home from the hospital

First day home from the hospital

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Right alongside the fabulous cleaning lady my urge to clean continued. I finally organized my closets and hauled stuff to Good Will and the dump! I cleaned out every nook and cranny, got rid of old papers, clothes, toys and “junk”. I used those handy Lysol wipes to clean everything; toys, countertops, the nasty cupboard under the sink, phones and even the sticky spaces in the car.

Now it’s even easier for me and other moms to help stop the spread of germs at home and at school this cold & flu season, because Lysol is now offering Buy 1 Get 1 Free packs of LYSOL Disinfecting Wipes and Lysol Dual Action Disinfecting Wipes at major retailers nationwide through January 2011. You can even give a canister of wipes to your child's teacher to help keep the classroom germ free!

BOGO Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Image

When I stop for a second to think about why I feel compelled to dejunk, organize, and sanitize everything, the answer is simple – I’m on a mission. I am determined to leave 2010 a little lighter, with less distraction, increased clarity, and maybe even sparkling clean toilets! Really it’s about giving myself and my family a fresh and healthy start to 2011…heaven knows we need it!

I am pleased to have written this post in support of the Lysol Mission for Community Health Contest which recognizes moms who do more for health in their communities by awarding prizes totaling $10,000 to be donated towards local community organizations. To enter, share videos, photos or stories about how you made a difference in your community at Contest entries will be judged based on both relevance to improving the health of your community, and the possible impact of your community improvement effort.


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