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A Much Needed GNO

Nothing restores the soul like a night out with friends. To talk about EVERYTHING. I need those girls’ nights like I need oxygen, or caffeine.

Nothing restores the soul like a night out with friends. A chance to talk through our lives, our problems, our hopes, things we’ve eaten, I need those girls’ nights on the regular like I need oxygen, or caffeine. I had the chance to meet a couple friends for a night at the movies to see Bridget Jones’ Baby. One is a newer friend, and the other, one of my oldest. Always nerve-wracking when worlds collide, but nothing better than when old friends get along with new.


It’s kind of like Bridget Jones--I read the book when it came out, I loved the first movie. We hit rough times with the second movie, but I’m here to report that the third movie, so many years after the others, is warm and hilarious.


Bridget is a little older, mostly wiser, but still prone to scrapes and mix-ups.


Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy is back, along with criminally scruffy Patrick Dempsey as Jack, the American who is bidding for Bridget’s affections.


The whole movie is delightful; we laughed and even teared up just a bit.

While we waited in line for refreshments, one friend confided, “My husband saw the trailer today and said, ‘I’m never going to see that movie with you, so don’t ask,’ which is why I couldn’t stop laughing when you called me.” Hey, I’m here for you, girlfriend, I will see any movie with you, especially if it involves Bridget Jones.

So if you’re planning your own GNO, I recommend Bridget Jones’ Baby. Call your friends, new and old, get your tickets, no husbands required, frozen Junior Mints non-negotiable.

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