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Modern Mommy

modern mommy is an online getaway to honor motherhood and childhood with an introduction to design, innovation and enlightenment. We carry lines from designers that reflect our design future and provide inspiration for our future leaders (our children). modern mommy gives mothers a place for practicality and modern style within their pregnancy and in their children.
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modern mommy was founded when a first time mommy embraced pregnancy and her motherhood experience with indescribable love. her new reward in life, led to giving back to other mommies to splurge for themselves and their new bundles of joy with an inspiring place to shop. coming from the life of working 16 hours a day/7 days a week as a television producer, our mompreneur traded in her television creativity for diapers and bottles and found a whole new story of happiness to share. modern mommy is made 100% out of genuine love.

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Modern Union

Modern Union creates hip, stylish yoga bags with personality. Straps for yoga mats add versatility and make room for your yoga accessories.

My Inner Mommy War, Part 2

The last thing I need is to have my sleep interrupted by kicks and squirms. But to be so close to my children, at the one time of day when they are too bleary to fight with each other, is priceless to me.

The Modern Hive

Mom to six and a graphic designer, The Modern Hive is my place to share things I create or find helpful, beautiful, inspiring, & fun. I am a little bit country and a little bit city. I like making, thrifting, repurposing, DIY and trying to find ways to creatively manage my little hive of buzzing activity.


Sweet Arts Design

Be creative! Have fun choosing a design, color and font, then add your child's name to create your own unique design. Add your design to apparel, prints, cards and more to make a one-of-a-kind gift. Personalize your own alphabet book featuring your child's name to make story time special. Our gifts are also available in French, Italian and Spanish to introduce your little one to a new language. Get creative and color a child's world!

My Inner Mommy War, Part 1

When I was 32, three years into my blessedly peaceful second marriage, 16 months into the motherhood gig, five months pregnant with our second child, I sat on the floor of our New York apartment in stunned silence.


See Mommy Dream

While battling morning sickness, Andrea Vincent came up with the idea to connect running mothers to each other via her website

nesting dreidel mobile

Modern Dreidel Mobile

This Dreidel mobile idea from Creative Jewish Mom is so fun. First of all, it's modern, and I am a sucker or any modern design. Second, what a cool and easy craft for Hanukkah!


Created By Mom

The hottest spot on the web to find & support fabulous products, 100% created by moms. Our fresh, ever-expanding inventory brings you incredible gifts & treasures for everyone in your family.