Mod Podge Rocks


We love a lot of craft blogs. A LOT. But we’re not the most crafty bunch ourselves so when we came across Mod Podge Rocks, we were excited - these projects are easy and fun. A perfect spot to find that handmade holiday project you’re itching to tackle.


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It Started With An Idea: Mod Podge Rocks!

We are continuing on in my It Started With An Idea series with serious crafting inspiration.

School of Rock

Nothing gets me going like good Classic Rock N Roll with a Hip Hop accent at the end!

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Rock On Rocking Chair

We have a rocking chair glider in my son’s room.

Give your school library your favorite children's book

Birthday Books: Making Your School Library Rock

Wish you had an awesome library at your child’s school? Dream of having new releases, sturdy hard-backs or beautiful picture books come home with your student? Does your school library have all your favorites?


Crossing the Finish Line with ING KiDS ROCK

Recently I learned of an awesome event called ING KiDS ROCK where kids can experience the exhilaration of running across a finish line for themselves, maybe even in your community...

Time Trials

The other morning, I was digging around for something in the back of my closet when I found a framed photograph I’d stashed there in one of my fits of manic tidying.