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Miss America

Miss America
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A little over a week ago, after the 49ers beat the Saints (my hubby was ecstatic, but that’s another blog entirely), my eight year old daughter and I grabbed my old crowns to watch the Miss America Pageant. While in our pajamas, we kept hollering and screaming for our four favorites. It was ironic that just a few minutes earlier, I wondered why my hubby kept yelling at the t.v. during the football game.  Yet, there I was (along with my mini-me), doing the same thing during the pageant.  This was MY Super Bowl!

Now, I know some people think the pageants are outdated (I sometimes feel that way), but what little girl didn’t want to walk down that stage waving her hand to “There She Is, Miss America”?  In addition, some of the scholarship money helped pay for my college tuition.

What a great evening and shout out from Miss Kern County 1994.

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