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Mini Me

I have always been fascinated with photos from my childhood. The blonde haired, cheeky faced girl with the sturdy thighs (‘big Buddha’ is what my husband will tell you – I prefer the term ‘healthy’) fascinates me.

I have always been fascinated with photos from my childhood. The blonde haired, cheeky faced girl with the sturdy thighs (‘big Buddha’ is what my husband will tell you—I prefer the term ‘healthy’) fascinates me. It is me…but yet ‘she’ remains somewhat of a mystery. I want to know her. I want to go back in time and observe her. I want to capture every element.


Unless any of you readers have recently designed a time machine and want to let me know about it—this won’t be happening. I can’t go back in time to visit myself as a kid. I can’t hear my voice or peek inside my 5 year old mind. But I can celebrate and visit my childhood in another way. Yep, you guessed it right—I can scrapbook my childhood!

A procrastinator from way back, this is a concept I have been putting off for some time. I figured that the stuff I remember now about my childhood would surely not be going anywhere, would it? But having recently given birth to my second baby I’m beginning to realize those memory and brain cells actually might not come back…

It’s also fun for the soul to step away from creating pages about your kids or travels or pets for a little while and take a trip down good old memory lane. Journal keeping and recording family history is important to me, and by creating my own childhood scrapbooks I am preserving pieces of myself, and my history for future generations.

Being the first child born to my parents I was of course the object of a lot of photo taking. Mum didn’t want to miss a moment of my cuteness (do you blame her?) and for this I am so grateful—I have an abundance of pictures to work with, jolt my memory and help catch a glimpse of who that little munchkin was.

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I know that not all of you will be as fortunate as me to have such a sea of pictures to scrapbook (although prying them away from my mother is not an easy task!) for whatever reasons. As one of 7 kids, my husband Mick didn’t even get a picture of him taken until he was at least 11 months old, and between then and the time he met me (and my camera!) they are few and far between. Don’t let a lack of pictures discourage you. There are still stories to be told, memories to be written down, keepsakes to treasure and fun to be had. Not every scrapbook page needs a photo on it!

If the thought of creating a childhood album seems a little overwhelming, a great place to start is with a mini book (you know how I love those!). Make it random memories, or pick a theme such as birthdays, holidays, friends, and favorite activities as a child. Keep it simple and fun. Or start an album dedicated to your childhood (I started a 9x9 album as I find this a fun and easy size to work with). Something simple that you can add random memories and photos to when the inspiration strikes. There is no reason for it to be chronological. A lot of my pictures are without dates on them, I have no idea when they were taken! I find a fun picture and document it, or think of an aspect of my childhood that I want to preserve—then look for a photo to go with it.


I also love to gather pictures of myself (or my husband) as a child and compare them to my own children right now. My new baby has been wearing some old jumpsuits that were my own, my 4 year old plays with my old cabbage patch kids and reads my old books. Looking back at old photos of myself, then taking a similar picture of my own kids is so much fun, and I’m sure they will love it too when they are older! {See below for a page I made with a photo of my husband as a kid, and our daughter—the likeness is uncanny!} Even if you don’t have pictures you could create a page comparing your childhood to your own child’s…games, foods, fashion, music, the cost of items etc.

Scrapbooking is all about telling the story, preserving the memories and expressing yourself artistically. What better way to have some fun with this than to pay tribute to your inner child? Make some time for yourself this month and dust off the old photographs and memories. You’re worth it!

—Emily J





Mini Love - Mega Impact

Ah, the mini book. Don't underestimate it's power. A small album made from, well, pretty much anything you like is fast becoming my favorite way to scrapbook and create.

Capturing the Little Things

I have a little game I like to play when I’m feeling frustrated with the state of my house, or wishing I had a prettier couch or nicer kitchen appliances. I take myself on a little photo walk around my home, and capture the small and happy details.

A Deck of You

Do you keep a journal? If you do – congratulations! I fell out of the habit of writing in a journal after my daughter was born – time for myself? Time to reflect? Not anymore! I did journal in my scrapbooks - but mainly about her babyhood, achievements, activities etc, I was too busy trying to preserve my daughters story than my own.

Family History Fun & Simple

Last year when I went back home to visit my family in Australia, my mother pulled out the coolest thing I have seen in my entire life – a handmade, hand-bound, hand-drawn, hand-written (you know I love the ‘hand’ stuff) giant comic book documenting the 3 month trip her and my dad took as newlyweds.

Scrapbooking on the Road

One of my very first scrapbooks ever was created when I was 11 years old and our family embarked on a trip to the US and UK. My mother (wise woman that she is) gave each of us kids a binder with plastic sheets and paper, and a pencil case with glue sticks, markers, scissors etc for the journey. As we were missing a few weeks of school, our ‘assignment’ (as decided by our mother) was to keep a journal/scrapbook of our trip.

Girl's Weekend

What every girl needs at least a couple of times a year is a good girls weekend. You know - a chance to get away, be completely silly, get nowhere near enough sleep, eat junk and relax away from ‘normal’ life. It’s good for the soul and of course you can justify to your husbands that it will make you a happier gal for the next little while, and you know the saying – when mom’s not happy…no-one is!

Love At Home

For me, Valentines Day brings back painful memories of my teenage years - hoping desperately that the mail would bring me a note from a secret admirer, that the guy I had a massive crush on might actually feel the same way and send me an encrypted message to prove it.

Crop On

It was only a year and a half ago that I finally made the terrifying leap from film to digital. Not being very technologically savvy, the though of changing everything I knew and relying on digital media was quite daunting! But not even days after my new digital SLR purchase, I knew I could never go back. The opportunities for learning, growth and fantastic pictures were much too great to pass up on, especially for a scrapbooker!