Merry Christmas to You

Thanks to YOU for making this Christmas season a wonderful one.

From all of us at Today's Mama, we wish you a Merry Christmas! You're the reason why we write and post and tweet all year long.

Retro Christmas Ornaments

We hope you take today and tomorrow to enjoy the quiet moments of the season. And please, eat a few more cookies, you're looking too svelte.

With love and extra sugar,

Your Today's Mama Editors


christmas shopping

I Do My Christmas Shopping Online

Last night I clicked a handful of time and did almost all my Christmas shopping online. The days of standing in long lines and braving the mall for me? They’re somewhere in the painful blue past.

christmas story santa

Less Work on Christmas Eve

Every year for the past seven years I've stayed up late on Christmas Eve to handle Santa's actual task list--He seems to have delegated it all to me.

A Memorable Merry Mexican Christmas

Since this was a Christmas when our married children and their little ones would not be arriving at our house until after Christmas, we decided to take our single children Josh, Talmadge, Eli and Charity on a service expedition to Mexico.

memorial day photo

Memorial Day Plans for 2011

Memorial Day is the start of the summer driving season, but with gas prices heading north of $4 a gallon, are you still planning on hitting the road? Where do you go when you pack up the family?