Memo from the Elves: Reusing & Repurposing is even better than Recycling!

With many presents still to wrap, I gave myself a challenge: let’s see if I can wrap the remaining presents in 100% REUSED and REPURPOSED materials.

Okay, my guest bedroom has been taken over by tissue paper, glittery ribbon and elves. Well, actually, I am THE elf, the wrapping elf, to be exact. As my daughters’ advent calendar countdown to Christmas continues, I am doing my best to be sneaky and preserve that Santa magic for another year. But as I look at the growing pile of presents I am thinking of the even bigger pile of trash that will be left behind. (I just heard that wrapping paper and shopping bags alone result in 4 million tons of trash each year in the U.S. Yikes!)

With many presents still to wrap, I gave myself a challenge: let’s see if I can wrap the remaining presents in 100% REUSED and REPURPOSED materials. With a little creativity, ingenuinity and the fact that I am inclined to save used bows, gift bags, and even wrapping paper anyhow, I am finding this challenge easier than I thought:


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