Melissa & Doug, Legos Toys 40-60% Off

Melissa & Doug’s well-made wooden toy line is 40% off on Zulily today…the offer’s good through 6.30.
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Lego’s come a long way–take a look at the watches that come with toys from Toy Story 3.  The line is 60% off through 6.30.

Hide And Squeak Shoes are wonderful soft little fellas for your little person’s first steps.  Plus, they squeak: so you always know what your little flying squirrel is up to.  50% off through 6.30.

Angelina Ballerina fans, This. Is. Awesome.  55% off an adorable little girl’s line featuring Angelina and her friends…the offer’s good through 6.30.

i’coo is an amazing European stroller line that doubles as a bassinet, high chair and more–you’ll save $200.00 on this line through 6.30.