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Melaleuca Cleaning Products

Melaleuca Cleaning Products
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This summer Melaleuca sponsored a few bloggers to EVO – a social media conference that we put on with The kind folks from Melaleucahooked me up with a few products to try as I expressed my love for natural cleaning products.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I’ve tried several natural window glass cleaners that left quite a few streaks. Their window cleaner does a great job and leaves my windows streak free. What I love about having a natural window cleaner is that it’s safe for my kids. Cleaning the windows is their favorite chore to help with so I’m glad that they don’t spend it inhaling chemicals.

Most window cleaners have ammonia in them which is actually harmful to your lungs even in small amounts. This glass cleaner has distilled vinegar among other natural ingredients.

I also used it on my stainless steal kitchen appliances and on the faucets and fixtures in my bathrooms.

I pulled the price comparison from their site:

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Solu-Guard – anti-bacterial spray

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What I love about this is that it’s natural, yet it can destroy things . . . but not my kids. It’s made from Thyme and Citric Acid and has been approved by the EPA to kill 99.9% of the “common household germs” (Staph, E-coli, Salmonella, Strep, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Poliovirus type 1, Influenza A, Rhinovirus 37). I love spraying my counter tops down with this before bed, it makes me feel like I’ve done my job in the battle to have a clean kitchen. Even if it’s cluttered -at least I’ve destroyed whatever bacteria took up residence on my counter during the day. Oh, and I put it to the test as well when my friend’s child puked all over my floor. It did wonders – especially on the smell.

Diamond Brite – Dish Detergent

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I have had a pretty bad “streak” with my last few dish detergents that I’ve tried. Cascade (even the ninja style Cascade Complete) leaves my dishes so chalky, Seventh Generation does the same – even with a rinse agent. I tried the Diamond Brite dish soap (skeptically) and it seriously solved my problems. My dishes are looking good again. I think I’m a tough customer because I’ve got hard water, but their dish detergent did the trick.

Diamond Brite works without chlorine bleach, phosphates or a highly alkaline formula. When I read that I thought it was a typo. I’m not a scientist, but I thought alkaline would be better than acidic right? I guess I was wrong. (but don’t ask me to explain that science to you!)

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Tub & Tile

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Works great – it did better than Method Tub and Tile, but I have to say that I miss Method’s “Spa inspired scents”.

Overall I really like that I can mix my own product and that it will last me forever. I read that all of the people who used Tub and Tile last year saved 175,000 pounds of plastic from going to the landfill based on the fact that they have the concentrate to mix and refill in the recyclable spray bottle.

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My wishlist? I wish that the Melaleuca products came in more scents. And let’s be honest . . . I know it’s petty . . . but I do love me some pretty packaging. That’s where Method has got me. Their pretty little packages. But if I’m to strip that away and go product to product, in most cases I’d choose the Melaleuca product. But really . . . I could DRINK the eucalyptus mint scent from Method . . . or wash my hair in it or something. Just sayin’.

Parting Thoughts

I’d give their entire cleaning line 4/5 stars and I’d continue to purchase the product – and feel better about what I’m putting into my house and into the environment.

Disclosure; Melaleuca provided me the cleaning products to try . . . because I asked to try them. 🙂