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Me and Samantha Bee

So. One thing you should know about me - is that I'm horrible at TV, video, visual representations of myself on anything recorded or reproducible. I can speak in public, but when it comes to video . . . brace yourself. I often refer to my likeness of Ricky Bobby.

Everything ended up tight . . .

With that, I give you my holiday greetings with Samantha Bee!

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I was too afraid to look away from the teleprompter because my 3rd baby took all of the rest of my brain cells and left me with the inability to memorize things.

But you should hear me on the radio ya'll. That's where I shine like a Christmas tree!

And a reminder that if you are still in the thick of holiday shopping eBay can save the day! Their Love to Give campaign has inspired me to find the perfect gift to make someone in my house scream this year. I found a brand new Amy Coe pink chenille blankie that my daughter lost when she was little. She's 6 now, and I miss the blankie even more than she does, but I think there will be screaming and tears on Christmas morning.

If you want to create your own "UnWrap Attack" you can find some more inspiration here!

P.S. When I hopped in the sleigh with Samantha she told me I looked familiar . . . I told her it was probably from my famous TV life. Why didn't they get that on camera??? It was smooth.

Happy Holidays!


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So it’s not all gourmet cooking around here on the big day.


Let me say, right off the bat, that I love Christmas. But the fact that November 1st has become the new start of the Christmas season bugs me. A lot.

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You are going to thank me . . . most likely for the next year. And just in time for your Black Friday and holiday shopping.

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