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MamaVoices: What Kind of Women Inspire You

Whether it’s the women in your everyday life or the women doing something for the world at large, there is a plethora of inspiring women out there making a difference for the people in their lives. For our latest MamaVoices article, we’ve asked some of our favorite bloggers to tell us about those amazing women in their lives that uplift, enrich and inspire.

“What Kind of Women Inspire You?” -- a question that’s bound to put you deep in thought. Whether it’s the women in your everyday life-- your mother, your sister, your best friend-- or the women doing something for your community, your city, your state… there is a plethora of inspiring women out there making a difference in the world, and for the people in their lives. For our latest MamaVoices article, we’ve asked some of our favorite bloggers to tell us about those amazing women in their lives that uplift, enrich and inspire. Happy Reading!

What kind of women inspire me? My mind goes straight to the women I talk to each day—my mother and my sisters. Inspiration is not a small deal; in fact, it's quite important. So important that the inspiration I receive from these three amazing women has made me who I am today.

When life throws me a curveball, when I am frustrated and distraught, or when I simply feel like I need a boost of advice from those who have “been there,“ I turn to my sisters or my mom. (Often all three of them!) They inspire me to be a better mother, to focus on my family, to read this book or that article, to keep a clean house… to reach for the stars. Their advice, wisdom and complete inspiration mold me into who I want to be.

My mom and sisters are each so different. Where one is tech-savvy, the other is a connoisseur in the kitchen. Where one has traveled the world, the other knows every alleyway in the Salt Lake Valley. I am blessed to have counsel from all corners of the room. And the best part? I know they each want me to succeed. They are cheering me on as I try to figure out motherhood, marriage, working from home, family finances and more.

They inspire me, teach me, challenge me and support me. On issue after issue, I turn to my mom and sisters for their insight and advice. I’ve learned so much from them. Each of their unique and inspiring lives have helped shape who I am… and exactly who I aspire to be.

Rebecca Delight, TodaysMama Staff

What does it mean to inspire someone? Merriam-Webster defines inspire as “to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on.” The word inspire is a verb—it’s all about action. When someone inspires you, this “exalting influence” makes you feel like you want to do something. You might set a goal to end a bad habit or spend more quality time with your children. You might start your own business or become more involved in a charitable organization.

But I digress... (I do that a lot; I blame it on birthing four children.) The question is “What kind of women inspire you?” What type of women influence me in such a way that I strive harder to be a better person? The answer is simple: the women who are redefining what it means to be successful. And guess what? It has nothing to do with money.

My friend Kim is a single mom; day in and day out she somehow finds the time to parent, cook, clean, carpool and oh, yes, work. Success is doing all that and still having an amazing relationship with her kids. Heather, the mompreneur behind Mom 4 Life, has shown me that true success in business happens only when you put family first—and success is much sweeter as a result. Then you have my mother whose success comes from raising two very different girls with two very different personalities and having both grow into amazing women. (Okay, my sister with her M.S. in Social Work is amazing; I’m still a work in progress.)

If you’ve read between the lines of the last paragraph then you’ve discovered the new definition of success and why it’s so inspiring—it’s all about family. I’m inspired by those women whose success, whether it’s found at home, in business or two states away, has come from putting family first. I am still learning how to do this, and until I have it figured out I’ll continue to look to these women for inspiration.

Emily Hill, blogger & mompreneur - Freshly Baked/

While I am sometimes irked by a woman’s brilliance being ghettoized as being an inspiring woman instead of an inspiring human, my narrow opinion dissolves when I remember that women like Mary Wollstonecraft and Alice Paul and Artemesia Gentileschi blazed a bloody path against cruel and unfair odds and I am a lucky woman and mama to a daughter in this generation where my girl can do anything she sets her little heart to. And get credit for it.

Women inspire me.

Women who continually seek betterment and don’t let others define their challenge inspire me.

Women who rely on their instincts and have an ego about it, but know their reason isn’t the only important one inspire me.

Women who are professionals and mamas, who choose both or one and unapologetically rock their sweet choice inspire me.

Our blood, organs, flesh, brain and subsequent creations were nourished and pushed into this world by a woman. All women come from women. And that perfect impossibility inspires me.

Nici Holt Cline, blogger - DigThisChick & ClineBug

There are traits of many people and women that I find inspirational, but four women stand out as people I respect and hope to emulate.

1. My mom, who gives of herself completely to her family and to God. Her love comes from a very deep and unshakable place, and she is the strongest person I know.

2. My grandma, who educated herself and became a college professor before it was normal for women to have and enjoy a career.

3. Mrs. Gray, my high school English teacher, who made Sir Arthur and Shakespeare come alive and truly enjoys her work with students.

4. Maya Angelou, whose rich voice resonates with me, and who taught me to use the strength of my ancestors as additional backbone in this life.

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Erica Fehrman, TodaysMama Staff

What kind of women inspire me?

The women that are brave enough to break away from the pack and make the unconventional choices.

The women that realize that there is beauty and satisfaction in simple things.

The women that love with their whole heart, no matter how many times people have been careless and cruel.

The women that are patient enough to be a joyful parent.

Women who are supportive of other women.

Women who aren’t afraid to try something new – whether it’s a new hairstyle, class at the gym, recipe, or career path.

Women who push through depression, adversity and obstacles every day.

Women who can bake bread from scratch. (These women have my admiration and my permission to send me evidence of their gift.)

Women that are willing to admit that “the juggle” of work and family is absolutely exhausting but totally worth it.

Erin Oltmanns, TodaysMama Staff

I can still recall the days when Shutter Sisters was merely a twinkle in my mind’s eye. I knew that there were a vast number of women on the web that were eager to connect with other women passionate about photography—I was one of them! I began to see the enthusiasm and talent of this burgeoning community on a smaller scale when I was writing a photo blog for moms called Picture This. That experience was the impetus to my building a collaborative photo blog for women who, quite simply, enjoy taking pictures.

The intention with Shutter Sisters was to offer a warm, welcoming space in the blogosphere where creatively like-minded women could gather together to converse, share and inspire one another with pictures and words. And now, today, the women who come to the blog, to write everyday, to share thoughts and links in the comments and to submit images to our Flickr group have delighted me and quite frankly, exceeded my wildest dreams. Every day these women come and generously offer their authentic, soulful vision with the rest of the community; telling their stories, sharing their photographs and shedding light on truth, beauty and love.

Being a part of this high caliber sisterhood of creative women inspires me daily. I am not only challenged artistically, I am encouraged to be my best and truest self. I am a better friend, sister and mother because of these inspirational women and I am humbled and grateful beyond measure.

Tracey Clark, blogger & photographer - & Mother May I

I have been inspired by many women throughout my life, from my mother, to my friends, to the women I meet who are living their dreams. I think what inspires me most about some of these women are the qualities that they have as many of these qualities are ones that I aim to have in my own life.

I am deeply inspired by women who never give up. They don't usually let challenges over-take their life and they even grow stronger from some of their set-backs. I admire their tenacity and courage to overcome.

I am also inspired by women who give to others and do their best to make a difference. These women often sacrifice their own time to help someone else succeed and they don't often worry a lot about themselves.

Finally, I am inspired by women who are there when you need them. They are compassionate, trustworthy, and full of hope. These women are true friends and know just what to do to help anyone feel important.

Emily Norton, blogger & editor, Little Window Shoppe



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