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MamaVoices September 2008

It seems like the oncoming of Fall is always eagerly anticipated. Even people that hate cold weather seem to enjoy Fall…they’re just not so hot on what comes after. So in celebration of the first day of Autumn, our staff Mamas share their ‘Fall Favorites’.
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It seems like the oncoming of Fall is always eagerly anticipated. Even people that hate cold weather seem to enjoy Fall…they’re just not so hot on what comes after. So in celebration of the first day of Autumn, our staff Mamas share their ‘Fall Favorites’.

I love the slight bite that returns to the air, school supplies, and making jam (Yes, I said it, canning, I'm not domestic, but I dig canning!)

-Rachael H.

Clean air

Open windows

Pie, pie and more pie


More cuddling at night

Soup, soup, soup

No snow yet!

No a/c, no heat, saves $!

-Emily M.

After a long hot summer there is nothing better than waking up one morning and realizing autumn has happened! Seriously, I could find a thousand things I like, but I'll just list a few:

1. Long evening walks when you can see your breath. It's too cold for a t-shirt, but too warm for a parka, so you just grab a scarf and go.

2. Picnics in the canyons - nothing makes you feel toastier than a nice big camp fire.

3. Cats get furrier and let's be honest, the good thing about cats is their cuddly soft fur. Their cold weather fur is so much softer!

4. Hot cider. A drink that isn't given the respect it deserves. Love it!!

5. Driving with the windows down. Okay, so spring is a great time for this too, but we are talking fall today.

6. Football! WooHoo!

7. Back to school... so I love my six year old to pieces, but I also love the six hours she is in school each day :o).

8. Sweaters. Everybody has a favorite sweater. The first time you pull it on this fall I dare you to tell me that's not one of life's greats.

9. My very favorite food is soup…nice hot soup, and it's just not the same in the summer.

10. Leaves. The epitome of autumn.... crunchy, pretty and they smell good too. 

-Rebecca S.

Nothing could be finer than the smell of Fall… Brisk, clean Autumn air. Leaves falling in the front yard. Bonfires burning in nearby fields. Apple cider and pumpkin pie. Trick or treating and haunted houses. Fresh dew on the grass in the morning. The list goes on and on! The smell of Fall is almost in the air… I can hardly wait!

-Rebecca D.

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The smell in the air

The nip at night, just cold enough for a sweatshirt


Mums, my favorite flower

Planning for Halloween, our family’s favorite holiday

The wonderful food, good hearty meals

Clothing- sweaters, long pants

The rich colors in everything from the leaves to the food we eat to the clothes we wear.

-Stephanie P.

Fall is a breathe of fresh, clean air after a long, hot, sunburned Summer. I look forward to wearing all of my cozy sweaters, sleeping with lots of blankets, pumpkin lattes and the warmth and comfort that I find in all of the new colors that canvas over the dry brown desert. There seems to be a silence that comes with Fall. The kids are in school, the hum of air conditioning and fans dies down and it is like I can breathe again.

That and of course, Eikopalooza (my birthday).

-Eiko E.

Getting our beaches back! As a San Diego Mama I’m always very excited when the tourists leave and we have our city to ourselves again. The weather is still deliciously warm in September and October allowing us to hit the empty beaches for some family fun!

-Emily W.

My favorite part of fall includes a day hike through multi-colored forests. I love the smell of damp, decaying autumn leaves. Follow this with an evening at home with a hearty soup, fresh bread and a nice bottle of red wine.

-Erica F.

Fall is my favorite time at the Farmers Market – I buy HUGE bags of the sweetest apples I’ve ever tasted, stock up on honey for the winter, and pick the perfect pumpkin for carving. Plus, since I’m a total homebody, I can put on my woolly socks and stay inside without feeling like a hermit.

-Erin O.



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