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MamaResources: Healthy Living

Do you have a “healthy” resolution for 2009? For some of us, the resolve is weakening. The kid’s mac & cheese looks like Four Cheese Risotto from the best bistro in town after a few days on a diet. Stay on course with a few of our favorite online heath and fitness websites.
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If you’re like most mamas we know, at least one of your resolutions for 2009 included a health and fitness goal. But if you’re like some of us on the staff, your resolve might be starting to weaken. After all, the reality is that it’s tough to fit working out into your schedule and your kid’s mac & cheese starts to look like Four Cheese Risotto from the best bistro in town after a few days on a diet. So, to help you stay on course, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite online heath and fitness websites for your reading (and fitness) pleasure.

General Online Fitness Websites:

This site includes weight loss ideas, low fat recipes, info on vitamins and minerals, nutrition, and health & fitness. There are free health calculators, too! You are able to calculate your body fat percentage and plan a fitness vacation. Also—check out their Diet and Fitness Blog.

AOL has an excellent resource for diet and fitness planning. They guarantee helping you to “shrink a size a month.” Check their thorough resources on Diet A-Z, Fitness A-Z, and all the basics you need to know.

MSN is also a great resource for health & fitness information. Read the latest articles, get the most updated tips, and ask expert advice. Check out their specific fitness guides for men and women, their abs guide, running & walking guides, and their message boards. Great info!

This site is the perfect fitness reference guide. They cover EVERY topic you might be interested in. From aromatherapy to body building, they’ll have the latest and greatest information. Take fitness tests, use their planning guides, join their forums or just browse!

Gabby Reece is here to help you! She has compiled the latest articles, buzz, products, food and training tips to help you better your health. Read her tips of the day, join her Train360 program, or read her latest newsletter. Her site is packed with information to help you on your fitness journey. is here to help you set a goal that will stick. Whether you want to start working out, stop eating fried foods, or learn more about health & fitness—they have every resource for you. Read their latest articles and reboot your wellbeing!

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Personal Trackers (i.e. fitness journals, plans, etc.)

Are you looking for a free diet and weight loss journal? Get your free online diet journal and start tracking your foods, exercises, weight loss, and goals.

Changing Shape has a fabulous free fitness journal to keep you organized in your health goals. Also, you can take a free fitness analysis to help you hit more detailed targets. Print out journal copies from their site and keep your log right at your desk!

Traineo is a great website to help you meet and reach your health and fitness goals. Take a tour of their site or visit their forums to hear what current users are saying about Traineo’s support.

Kids’ Health:

Here are some simple ways for kids to eat right, play well and stay healthy. Read about Kellogg’s 5 Ways to Health and Fitness! Learning quests, lesson plans and play ideas.

Ever wonder if some diets are really safe for kids and teens? Or how your child can excel at sports? Get the lowdown on healthy eats, dieting, strength training, eating disorders, and more for your children. Keep your child fit during the summer, help them learn the nutrition basics, and read all of our health Q&As.

This site has compiled some articles and other websites that are related to children's health and fitness and how we can raise healthy and happy kids. A one-stop-shop for information on fitness, exercise, obesity, activities, cooking and more for your family! is a great resource for raising a healthy child and offers a special section just for parents. It is also a site for your child to come to… They can try making one of the fun recipes and they’ll find fun games to play inside or outside. tells you cool stuff about how your body works, how eating right helps you play better and feel good and how staying active is lots of fun!



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