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MamaResources: Black History Month

February is “Black History Month,” a time to commemorate African Americans who have changed the world. From the past to the present… there is much to learn!

February is “Black History Month,” a time to commemorate African Americans who have changed the world. To help you broaden your perspective and teach your family more about the important people and events from Black History, we have compiled loads of fun, interactive and motivating information. From the past to the present… there is much to learn! Happy Reading!

Black History Month Information & More…

  1. Would you like to know every detail about Black History Month? Visit, and you’ll get it! They feature the history, timelines, biographies, quotations, trivia… you name it! Find games, quizzes, contemporary issues, and plenty of family education ideas.
  2. Read about Black History Milestones and Features on See Black History Maps, Icons, and Facts. This site is packed with information.
  3. Celebrate Black History Month with… look at their fabulous interactive timeline, read about the history & people, play games, watch videos and visit the Apollo Theater online!

Teaching Your Kids About Black History Month…

  1. Visit! Explore the many contributions of African Americans with cross-curricular lessons, printables, quizzes, and activities. From art to technology, there are activities to connect Black history with every subject.
  2. Time Magazine has compiled a special feature to help kids learn about the importance of Black History Month. Let them travel through time and visit interactive milestones, play games, get help with their homework and more!
  3. has a great list of appropriate sites for your kids to check out and learn about Black History Month. A great place to visit!
  4. will help you celebrate Black History Month with your children and spend some extra time learning about the extraordinary accomplishments of African Americans. Download printables and coloring pages for kids, take quizzes, find activities, and read articles about the historic struggle for civil rights.
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TV Documentaries Happening this Month…

This month is packed with exciting features about extraordinary African Americans from the past to the present. Don’t miss the following programs:

Biography Special Programming

  1. Biography: Halle Berry: Monday, Feb 2, 10/9c (AM) Monday, Feb 2, 4/3c (PM)
  2. Biography: Russell Simmons: Tuesday, Feb 3, 10/9c (AM) Tuesday, Feb 3, 4/3c (PM)
  3. Biography: LL Cool J: Wednesday, Feb 4, 10/9c (AM) Wednesday, Feb 4, 4/3c (PM)
  4. Biography: Queen Latifah: Thursday, Feb 5, 10/9c (AM) Thursday, Feb 5, 4/3c (PM)

PBS Special Programming

From history to performing arts and independent film, PBS offers viewers the opportunity to explore the rich and vibrant history and cultural contributions of African Americans throughout the year, but will offer a special slate of new and encore programs in honor of Black History Month, February 2009.

NPR Special Features

Are you a radio buff? NPR will feature many special stories throughout Black History Month… Check out this story, along with many others. Look for links on this site.


Resources: Black History Month

Since February is “Black History Month,” we’d like to help you teach your family about the people and events from Black History. Check out our fun, interactive and motivating resources. From the past to the present… there is much to learn.

Black History Month Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations: Black History Month

Starting with picture books for younger kids leading up to books for teens, take a look at the books we recommend reading during Black History Month.

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Book Recommendations: Black History Month

February is Black History Month and I have a list of book recommendations for your family.

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