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Making Mud Pies


Ever made a mud pie? Pretty sure "Making Mud Pies" doesn't make the top of the play date To-Do list these days. For just this reason, my mom included a Mud Pie station at Grandma's 90th Birthday Party family reunion last week.

Making Mud Pies

My mom and aunt remember making mud pies. My cousins and I also have memories of sitting at the end of the field near the ditch and digging up mud. We would scavenge around the farm to find toppings for our pies.

Gather your ingredients and let your kids get dirty!


Dirt for Mud Pies

dirt (authentic dirt from Grandma's ditch)

water - just a bit!

Mud Pie Toppings

toppings - We used milk weed pods, "coconut", "bananas" from Grandma's willow tree and other leaves from her back yard trees. The kids added grass, dandelions and rocks. Use whatever you can gather up!

Cousins and Mud Pies

We even kept it clean by using wooden spoons to make the mud. Now that the great grand kids get the hang of it, I'm sure the next batch won't include spoons.

What's your favorite family tradition?

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