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Make Your List, Check It Twice

Spring is coming. Getting ready should mean more than whipping out the Windex.

I’m a fan of to do lists.

At any given time you can find scraps of paper and post-it notes all over my house tracking tasks and items (even more so since I’ve had a child and my sleep deprived memory is pretty lousy). I am the master of getting things done.

I am not, however, the master of seizing the day.

I realized this at the tail end of Summer 2009. All of the fun, summery things I had promised myself I would do had been missed. No hikes. No trips to the pool. I missed the Utah Arts Festival. And not ONE fresh berry tart came out of my kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t shut-in’s, but we certainly didn’t do a stellar job of taking advantage of all of the wonderful things that the season had to offer.

So one morning in September I sat down and made my “Fall / Holiday 2009” to do list - a list of all of the fun activities and cozy recipes that I wanted to try to enjoy. It was a pretty ambitious list - 25 items, of which we managed to do 10. Now before you start to think I’m some sort of overachieving zealot, let me show you what we completed:

Take kiddo to pick out a pumpkin. Carve it.


Go to the zoo.


Send Christmas cards.
Go for a drive to see Christmas lights.
Play in the leaves.

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(Don’t they look just THRILLED.)
Play in the snow.

Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Thanksgiving night.
Make Pumpkin Bread Pudding
Make Pumpkin Cupcakes
Stock up on Christmas gifts at the Farmers Market


See. I told you. This is not a list that will dazzle you with its creativity, but sadly, I’m a person that needs a kick in the pants to remember to do some basic seasonal activities.

With Spring right around the corner I wanted to make sure that our family didn’t get too bogged down with all of those “spring cleaning” tasks that can keep us up to our elbows in washcloths and windex.

Here’s the start of my “Spring 2010” to do list:

Go to Baby Animal Days.
Hide Easter Eggs for the kiddo
Plan & Plant a garden. (Tomatoes, Basil and Strawberries at the very least.)
Go to the Aviary.
Date Night/See Clash of the Titans (Oh, don’t act like you don’t want to see it too.)
Get a kiddie pool. (Have you ever tried to find one on the first warm Saturday of the year - GOOD LUCK.)
Paint candle jars for the deck.

This list isn’t about completion, it’s about enjoying myself and entertaining my kiddo. Several items keep moving from list to list - and I’m fine with that.

I keep my master list in a journal and make notes about when we did an activity or how a recipe turned out. It’s a nice way to keep record of what my family did. (Plus, I’m hoping it will make my seasonal lists easier to create each year...I’m guessing “carve pumpkin” will land on our list for many years to come.)

I’m going to make a copy of my Spring list and post it on the fridge where I can see it every day. Hopefully, that way, I won’t find myself standing at the Farmers Market in June saying, “Shoot! I meant to plant some strawberries this year!” for the 3rd year in a row.

A girl can dream.



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