Make Any Bag a Camera Bag with this Pouch

I’ve mentioned that my husband gave me a fancy-pants DSLR for Christmas. Complete with a nice, sturdy camera bag.

Now picture me hauling that camera bag and my purse/diaper bag everywhere for the last month.

It was working, but it wasn’t ideal. I’ve been on the hunt for a great camera-purse-combo, but I haven’t found The Bag yet and I needed a good solution for my trip to LA.

I ordered the Haven camera pouch from Crumpler and used in with my Timbuk2 messenger bag and people, I could not have been happier.


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It kept my DSLR, charger, and extra batteries snug as bugs while I traveled and retrieving my camera from the pouch within a bag was a piece of cake.

Now I can take my camera with me anywhere. Watch out.

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