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Make and Takes for Kids Giveaway

I'm all for easy. Or should I say I'm always for easy (and easily overwhelmed by complex projects).

Our friend Marie over at has released her first book: Make and Takes for Kids and she's got easy on speed dial. I'm in love with her book - it's beautifully done and the projects are things that I would actually do with my kids (and I'm a craft slacker).

simple crafts for kids


Of course, we've got a copy for you -- because we like to make things easy too. Just leave us a comment and you are entered to win. Want me to make it even easier? Leave us a smiley face and call it a day. :)

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Make and Takes for Kids Craft Book

The book should be available at all major book stores and online at Barnes and Noble,,,

More info on Make and Takes for Kids

Good luck!

* Contest Closes November 29that midnight MST


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